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Kuroko no Chapbook, 2018

Short story collection • Fanfiction and chapbook series
Fanfic hosted on Ao3 and Tumblr. Chapbooks printed on 24lb paper for public distribution. 

  • Research, analysis, and prototype for thesis project
  • Three fanfictions collected into a series
  • Original fiction (created from fanfic) for print distribution as chapbooks

This series is about Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Kuroko no Basuke (or Kuroko’s Basketball) animanga series, focused on different relationship dynamics of the main characters. It comprises of three fanfictions separate from my NaNoWriMo 2018 challenge that were later translated into The Chapbookss.

The Fanfiction

Series: Kuroko no Chapbook
Total Word Count: 3200+
Rating: G
Themes/Tropes: Basketball, friendship, romance
Major Warnings: None 

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Just take my hand, and let’s enjoy

Aomine-kun gave the best hugs. They were full-on bear hugs. Especially because of how broad he was, he physically curled himself around Tetsuya, and he’d be enveloped by Aomine’s warmth. His shoulders were sturdy pillars that anchored them, his arms cocooned Tetsuya wholly. The embrace was often accompanied by the rumble of Aomine’s laughter and a hand ruffling his hair.

Tetsuya mourned when the frequency of his hugs slowly dwindled and changed.

Lucky Item Hunt


I can’t believe we have to go to all the way to Bunkyo for your lucky item.

“I have to do –”

“‘– everything in your power so your shots never miss,’ yeah yeah, I know that.”

“I don’t understand the point of your whining. You do this every time yet you accompany me anyway.”

“Because you’re my responsibility.”

“I am a grown adult, not a child that needs supervision.”

Blue & Yellow

Track 2: Confession, Take #2
(Now Playing: Today - Joshua Radin

Their confession is nowhere near as cute as Ryouta thinks it could have been, but it’s perfect all the same.

Aomine brings him around the back corner of Touou when Ryouta visits one day, literally stopping just a few feet away from the dumpsters. Ryouta at least persuades him to move away from the garbage, towards a secluded corner next to a fence.

At first Aomine whispers his feelings, then he half-shouts them because Ryouta tells him he can’t hear him.

“I said I like you, idiot!”

The Chapbooks

The fanfictions were all translated into original fiction by removing names and plots from Kuroko no Basuke, then adjusted to each be read alone without the context of the Kuroko franchise.

Each story was then printed into a series of chapbooks, with the layout and print design of each book inspired by the writing format of the original fanfiction. All chapbooks contain the same type of information available for the fanfictions: summary, word count, themes and tropes, etc.

These chapbooks will soon be available for purchase. Look out on my Storenvy for stock in the future~!

Related Projects

Kuroko no Chapbook was created as part of my undergrad thesis project, Of Fanfiction and Creating Space (2018-2019), and was the direct pre-cursor to my self-published novel, Unconventional Rules (2019). It was featured in my final installation, [Fanfiction] Reading Corner (2019).

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