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Strike, 2018

Editorial • Periodical
POINT5 no.5 (Winter 2018) for the OCADU Publications Major. In collaboration with Venuri Liyanage.

  • Interview with a Toronto artist part of a major Canadian publication
  • Transcription of the full recorded interview and an edited edition for print
  • Research and investigation to acquire photographs and preliminary information

Through conversation with some of Canada’s top art publication contributors, POINT5 hopes to provide a lens into the creation of a community within a unique cultural landscape. These publications not only forged platforms for the dissemination of art culture but has and will continue to provide a catalyst for the participation in the political climate of its time.

—Taken from POINT5 no.5’s Forward

POINT5 (also stylized as .5) is a periodical published by the OCADU Publications Major. The fifth issue explored the beginnings of major Canadian art publications. Students were required to research different publications from this era and conduct interviews with key figures involved in them. Issue 5 launched in May 2018.

With friend and publications peer, Venuri Liyanage, we researched Strike art magazine published by the former Centre for Experimental Art and Communication (CEAC). We had the exceptional opportunity to interview Canadian artist, Bruce Eves, who was a designer on Strike and a member of CEAC during the 1970s. In this issue of POINT5, I am credited with my student name rather than my penname, Jercy Dee.

Bruce Eves interviewed by Mike Hoolboom ⇥

More on the Centre for Experimental Art and Communication ⇥

Thank you to Kong Cai for providing a PDF copy.

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Word Count: 2700+
Themes: Canadian art history, Canadian publication history
Major Warnings: Brief mentions of disturbing imagery, discussions of sensitive topics
Note: Minor discrepancies in format and spelling between the plain text document and the printed publication from 2018 were done to correct mistakes missed before print.

Formerly known as Art Communication Edition, Strike was one of the highly political art magazines produced by CEAC. Bruce Eves, a member of the CEAC collective, became one of the designers of the magazine. [...]

The CEAC publication had nine issues under the name Art Communication Edition between the years 1976-1977, and three issues as Strike beginning in 1978. The contents in the second issue of Strike caused major controversies that led to the withdrawal of funding from the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council. The financial cut made future ventures within CEAC impossible, therefore closing the centre soon after.

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