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Of Fans and Discourse, 2017

Editorial • Periodical
POINT5 no.4 (Fall 2017) for the OCADU Publications Major

  • Proposal for publication content
  • Solicitation of brand-new content from an emerging artist with accompanying interview
  • Brief article describing and summarizing key concepts
  • Curating all acquired content into a basic layout to assign to graphic designers

Fall 2017 edition of .5 explores platforms in our society. The concept of platforms is broad and considers social, economic, professional and personal positions. [...]

The intention of this publication is to investigate the forces that push people together and pull them apart. In addition, we want to know how people are leveraging their positions within networks to propel themselves forward. The contributors approach their subjects from a wide range of viewpoints and can at times be playful, critical, sobering and reflective.

—Taken from POINT5 no.4’s Editorial Statement

POINT5 (also stylized as .5) is a periodical published by the OCADU Publications Major. The fourth issue explored the theme of “platforms”. Students were required to generate content to be compiled together into printed books by the end of the semester. Issue 4 launched on January 25, 2018. 

My content focused on social media platforms and its influence on online fandom. I asked friend and fellow artist, Leon, to help with my content for the periodical. My section is featured first the publication for encompassing different aspects of the “platforms” theme this issue of POINT5 explores.

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Thank you to Christina Castellano for providing a PDF copy.

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Word Count: 1700+
Themes: Fandom, social media
Major Warnings: Discussions of bullying
Note: Discrepancies in format, wording, and spelling in the above documents and the printed publication from 2017 were done to update Leon’s name, pronouns, and contact info. These documents also correct mistakes missed before print.

Platforms are a way for a diverse population to interact. Many of these people are fans of popular culture or underground alternative media. The [following] investigates emerging artist Leon’s experience with fan interactions online, and how platforms affected his experiences. This experience is not meant to be prescriptive or holistically reflective of any single fan community, but rather one narrative of how many fans interact with one another through these platforms.

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