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My Immortal: The Book, 2016

Book and print • Nano Publishing Assignment
Created with Photoshop, InDesign

  • One perfect bound, 8.5” x 11” book, with fanfiction and editorial commentary
  • Accompanying multiples, all printed on 80lb matte paper:
    • 11” x 17” posters (x4)
    • 5” x 5” prints (x4)
    • 5” x 4” postcards (x12)
    • 2” x 6” bookmarks (x6)

My Immortal is regarded as one of the worst fanfictions ever to exist, set in an alternate Harry Potter universe about an original character’s time as a gothic, teen vampire at Hogwarts. With awful punctuation, grammar, spelling, syntax, and continuity issues, many learn about My Immortal if they engage with any fan community long enough.

My Immortal: The Book creates a parallel experience between the physical book and its online counterpart. A single edition of My Immortal: The Book was published along with an edition of 26 multiples that included posters, postcards, and bookmarks for promotional material.

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The Book

Word Count: 4300+ (without fanfiction) / 26 000+ (with fanfiction)
Themes: Fanfiction, fandom, authorship and authenticity
Major Warnings: Discussions of sexism and fandom bigotry/prejudice. Strong language.
Note: The book has now been revised to include links and new content.

This exclusive edition of’s My Immortal contains Ebony’s thrilling tale in print form. Also included are several articles regarding the mystery behind the piece (was it genuinely written, or simply satire?), the social implications of Gilesbie’s work, and a note from the editor.

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The Multiples

Aftermath, from 2017 onward

Though I “published” My Immortal: The Book in 2016, after hours diving deep into the anonymous waters of the web, the author and their true intentions of the fanfiction had some light shed upon it in 2017. The following information has been verified as of January 2021.

TL;DR Author Rose Christo came forward claiming she wrote My Immortal as a joke, to troll fans who read it in complete seriousness. However, many of Christo’s statements were later proven false. Although multiple people have declared they were the true author of My Immortal, Christo is one of the higher profile cases, with coverage of her controversy ranging from Buzzfeed to Wikipedia, and she is the only one to have attempted formally publishing something about it.

More about Rose Christo’s scandal, with links to further readings, is now included in My Immortal: The Book PDF.

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