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» 2021


  • 21/07/07
     » Homepage Site Updates adjusted, resume switched to CV in About, new project added to Activism History.
  • 21/07/02
     » Minor updates to homepage, archive, about, Jercy Dee: Applied (2021). Coding also adjusted to be more mobile-friendly.
  • 21/07/01
     » Massive update haul 🙌
    • J D e e . 2 . 0   o f f i c i a l l y   l i v e
      • All pages now nested within respective categories for streamlined URLS
        • URLs no longer include numbers
        • URLs function without .html extension
      • All portfolio pages now have links to jump to the project before/after it
      • All links to external URLs open to new tabs
      • Switching between tabs automatically scrolls back to top instead of staying in the position of the previous tab
    • Info update for the following pages:
      • About
      • Activism History (“Nomadic Residency: Arte Útil” tab)
      • Of Fans and Discourse (2018)
      • RePort Hope (2017)
      • Fanzines (“HQ!! Magazine” tab)
    • Other updates for the following pages:
      • IndexOFACS (2018-2019) removed from “Recent Work” + Fanzines (2017-present) thumbnail updated
      • Unconventional Rules (2019) ▸ Added “The Side Project” tab + updated links
      • Jercy Dee: Applied (2021) ▸ Project added to portfolio
      • Contact ▸ Added links
      • ArchiveArchive.1.0 launched
      • Not Found ▸ Page redirects to previous page instead of site homepage


  • 21/05/26
     » Ongoing construction. If things look weird, it means I’m online LOL.


  • 21/03/25
     » Site launch: JDee.1.0 officially live! 🥳

» 2020


  • 20/03/12
     » officially moved to Neocities.
    • Moved from old portfolio on WordPress
    • Site launched as a splash page indicating construction, with edits made throughout the year featuring different links and info

» 2019


  • 19/03/11
     » officially launched on Wordpress.
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