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Activism History

I’ve been an advocate for a range of issues since I was a young child. This page is an overview of projects I’ve been involved in as both an activist and artist/creative from the early 2010s to the present.

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P.S. For the record, even if I don’t archive things here, I am usually participating in some sort of advocacy behind-the-scenes. Justice is a movement, not a moment.

Masterlist for #Wrath2020 (2020)

A giant Twitter thread I composed filled with links to information and resources mainly regarding Black Lives Matter and the PH Terror Bill, but also includes links to other ongoing issues during the summer of 2020. Frustrated that I could not protest in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I created this giant list of resources to educate myself and advocate for justice even when I couldn’t protest with others out on the streets.

The main thread divides into seven different sections with their own thread filled with more links. I did my best to directly link to resources that were official (e.g. donations went directly to the families, official organization websites, etc) and/or discussed the issues from an intersectional perspective. I also did my best to credit the OP for non-organization links.

At the time of creating each individual tweet, every link worked. As of July 2021, several links are unfortunately dead, but many of them are still functioning and may be used as a general resource for advocacy and protest.

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* Note: I accidentally wrote “pt.11” for two different tweets.





  • listen to the black community
  • sit with the discomfort, act on what you learn from it
  • take a break if necessary
  • stay safe
  • continue to donate, sign petitions, make phone calls/emails, spread awareness

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Nomadic Residency: Arte Útil (2017)

A week-long art residency at OCAD University with Tania Bruguera.

Arte Útil roughly translates into English as ‘useful art’ but it goes further suggesting art as a tool or device. Arte Útil draws on artistic thinking to imagine, create and implement tactics that change how we act in society.

—Taken from the official Arte Útil website

The residency involved more than a dozen working and student activists who spent every day unpacking the concept of Arte Útil and how it could be applied. Workshoped with Bruguera towards making useful political art with material implementations. The final action at the end of the week was a large student gathering/protest demanding change at OCADU.

OCADU Nomadic Residency ⇥

Nomadic Residency Event ⇥

All photography by Jamie A.M., provided during the residency.

MFRC Projects (2016-2017)

A community-oriented organization, the Malvern Family Resource Centre (MFRC) has given me amazing opportunities as both a volunteer and employee. I primarily worked with the Women’s Place department on several programs and events.

Visit the MFRC website ⇥

» INCLUDED Project (2017)

INCLUDED: Connecting Diverse Women with Disabilities in North-East Scarborough (“the INCLUDED Project”) was a pilot project aimed at understanding the unique needs and challenges that women with disabilities in the community face and developing best practice to overcome these challenges.

—Taken from the INCLUDED Project Report

Being part of the INCLUDED Project was a wonderful opportunity to directly engage in community advocacy, especially for women with disabilities.

My roles included:

  • Core committee member
  • Data collector
  • Event coordinator
  • Design consultant

Read the final report ⇥

Read the service listing ⇥

Read the summit review ⇥

» Bridging Gaps: Accessing Special Needs Education Supports in the Community, 2016

Book/Print Design • Commission
Created with InDesign, Illustrator. Printed on cardstock and saddle stitched by printer. 

  • Service listing for educational supports specifically for children with disabilities
  • Created all digital deliverables necessary for print and digital distribution (i.e. relevant Adobe files, images, and PDF copies)

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TCDSB Ban on GSAs (2013)

In high school, I had the incredible opportunity to speak against the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s (TCDSB) motion to ban Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) in Catholic schools. On behalf of the GSA at Mary Ward C.S.S, co-founder, Erin Edghill, and I went to the board meeting to speak about our experiences as leaders in our community and the importance of having a safe space for LGBTQ+ students in schools.

Thankfully, the motion was voted against that night at the board meeting. As of 2019, I am proud to announce that the Mary Ward C.S.S GSA is still present. 

Toronto Star article ⇥

Quoted in “Issues in Religion and Education: Whose Religion?” ⇥

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